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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Same Blog Different Entry

I thought I'd blog now instead of tomorrow morning as we all know what Monday looks like around here.  David is having his first day solo and I'm back in the groove, taking notes and hoping I'll be as good as a manager as I've always wanted to work for. We were up and about early this morning, even Kirsten was up around 8 am (possibly encouraged by a Pouncing Hostess who also insisted on deeply snuffling her blankets) - we did pancakes all around as it was Sunday. We headed out to Dickson City, I took them to Sugarman's Indoor Flea Market - you name it, it's there. We poked through used books, old clothes, DVDs,jewelry. We didn't find anything but it was fun and we got some roasted cashews on the way out. Then we did AC Moores, coupons in hand - I got a couple of skeins of sock yarn and Liz bought yarn to start an afghan for  Kirsten, it was lovely, burgundy and best of all on sale.  Then the high light of any trip to the Lester Abode  - WEGMAN'S!! They roamed the hallowed aisles of cheese, organic, the lawn furniture (yes they do sell furniture at Wegman's, thank you for asking) - because you know I would have never been able to sleep at night knowing I had deprived them of the Wegman's Experience.  They left after lunch and made very good time getting home. It was a good weekend, wasn't it?

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