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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Perfection Is Fleeting

There are times in your life when everything is going right - everything you try on fits, you don't get lost, the day you decide to shop is the day of the big clearance sale, the sun shines and the birds sing. But it's a little nerve wracking too, how long will this last - and how bad will it get? I've gotten in a couple of perfect weeks though, my job is still running along quite well, our finances are in order, the dog even behaves once in awhile (she has to sleep sometime). David finished his course with a 95 and the Red Cross test is in a couple of weeks for his official certification but he did much better than he thought he could - I'm really proud of him. It takes a lot to change your career and it's quite a change too, isn't it? The weather was lovely this morning and I can see from the comments on Facebook other people were enjoying similar sunny mornings. I took Pearl and a good book out - the cats were hanging out on the deck soaking up the rays. David and I did a brief run of Dickson City since it is Saturday and I do have a coupon for AC Moores and yes, I did buy some yarn, thank you for asking. I swiped that picture of the bus off the internet - talk about a stash buster!! That bus is what we knitters only dream of - I mean here  I am complaining half the time about how long it will take me to finish that sweater,  I wonder how long it took to finish that bus....Tomorrow we might run up to Stroudsburg to the outlets to see if there are any more sales and maybe scout out a few more houses. David has asked me 

what exactly I want to do - sigh.  I guess I DO want to move, it makes sense as we like that area better, we would only be talking less than 60 miles, I would be much closer to work when the office officially opens, and I would be right on top of the cheesecake factory. But there is the selling and buying, packing, sorting,etc... The end result would be worth it though - but we're still a little ways away from all of that and in this economy there's no guarantee we could even sell this house.  It could be worse I suppose - all those poor people that bought RE in Florida are losing their shirts now, we've heard you can't give it away down there.  So we shall continue to mull and stew, after all there's no hurry, is there?


babbler said...

Hello there, I was wandering through the blogs, and found your picture of a knitted bus. I was completely taken aback! Very nice. It must be a very cozy bus! Anyway, just thought you should know that I read your blog and the fact that you are considering moving to a new area. My husband and I moved from California to Oregon 4 years ago and it feels like we are vacationing every day as we live on the coast now. Best of luck to you

rob clemenz @ said...

This blog is awesome. Did you know the "patron saint" of knitters is Saint Elizabeth of Hungary?

rob clemenz @
hbhs, '78