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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rolling Rolling Rolling

The annual company party is this weekend - for some reason I thought it was next weekend so I'll have to go after work today on a quick shoe finding mission. I'll have to ask Ellen what we're wearing as this is a little more than a potluck during lunch party. It's actually a stay over night in Philadelphia party as  I think it's ALL the east coast offices. This is getting a little nerve wracking as I tend to be a bit hermit like but as they say, in for a penny in for a pound. I'm also going to be sharing a room - they've reserved two doublerooms and that should be fun. I'm slowly but surely getting on top of the paperwork, I managed to do my payroll correctly and with the exception of the shoe problem things are going alright. The weather I wish was just a tad warmer, it's too warm for a heavy coat but not quite warm enough to go without. But I look silly with my thermals sticking out from under my spring outfits and I hate throwing a big sweater over the top of them so dressing at the moment is a challenge. The rain continues off and on and the yard is a mire as far and the eye can see, David's not rearranging the driveway but is adding more gravel so we can turn the cars around without leaving deep tracks all over the place. The carpet is ordered and he's replacing the prison shower downstairs much to my dismay. I LOVE the prison shower but David says it's a big selling point and since that's the direction we're heading in - it's gone. He's finally caught up with Harry and they're off again today to scout around. hopefully we can come with something everyone is happy with

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