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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is The Dead Boy's Room The Only One You've Got

That's a line out of out the movie I'm currently watching - Ginger Snaps Back, The Beginning. It's the Werewolf Marathon on the Chiller channel today, so everyone is either shrieking, bleeding biting or growing hair in every nook and cranny - sometimes all at the same time - the cat is much less interested than you would think he would be. I always adore the fact that at least one villager is not only well versed in werewolf lore, but also knows all the rules and counter rules. The morning started off warm and sunny but the clouds moved in by ten and that was the ed of that. David and I did a brief run to Stroudburg to look at the house he likes, the property is beautiful, the house is so-so and the aboveground pool in the back just hollers Yee ha White Trash and Bring Your Own Budweiser so its on the boards but not my first choice. We did the outlets, I got a couple more things from Coldwater Creek and also got some more Eddie Bauer Outlet - it is so uber-cheap you feel like running to your car. I'm also on the prowl for shoes and having absolutely no luck whatsover. It's either flats which give my feet a charming Paddleboat Appearance or the 4 inch heels that cause me to lurch about in a Hot and Sexy Way. The ones I REALLY hate are the ones with the long pointy toes, whoever came up with those babies must be drunk most of the day - I mean if the shoe size is an 8 1/2 what braniac thinks I need to ADD a couple of inches to my feet??? So I'll have to keep looking as most of my shoes have Timberline written down the side and they are not compatible with dresses, at least none that qualify as office wear.

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