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Monday, March 23, 2009

Get On The Bus!

That picture of Bret Michaels turned out to pretty wee, didn't it? Well, you'll have to squint if you're that interested I suppose. Last night for lack of anything else to watch I put on The Rock Of Love Bus, season 3 as Bret has still not found the girl that Will Rock His World. The show is silly, it appears to be populated by the usual reality TV cast - the pretty one, the mean one, the emotional one, the funny one, etc.... but it's so strange it's addicting. I think it's the 80's jargon that gets me, Bret's always yammering about Taking It To The Next Level, the girls are loudly claiming That Special Connection and I have to agree with Ashly that Taya is a real diva when she gets her pass. That's what they get - if you're still in the running Bret asks you to stay on the tour and rock his world AND you get a backstage pass with your picture on it. Ashly and Brittanya were both told their tour was ended last night so it's down to four. Stay tuned.  I put the picture of Vincent up because, well, I actually think more of him than I do of Bret Michaels I have to admit so you may gaze upon him if that's how you feel too. I'm off to work again today, I've had trouble sleeping two nights in a row and I am not liking it one bit. The Two AM Girl has been starting in early and she's been quite relentless, bringing up all sorts of things that leave me wide eyed until the early hours.  I just hate that because I feel half awake all day.

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connie said...

Fred is hooked on "Big Love" Try that one MOM