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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grand Opening

Well, the open house was not quite as sucessful as we had hoped, we got more applications for RNs but no OT or PT which had been the originial target. But I did get to see my new office and my desk and I got my name tag so it was a good day for me again. We had someone from the governer's office come in to say Hi and welecome to the neighborhood and they're hooked up with the local radio station. It was a long day, I left here at 7:30 am, then came back again for the fruit salad I'd left in the fridge, then got turned around again because of a road closing so it was tough going! The ride out there was beautiful, I had left early so I could stop and take some pictures but after all of that I ended up just driving straight through. Holly and I had to get the balloons - did you ever notice when you're getting balloons the wind picks up immdiately? Oh, they also cleared up the paycheck thing and I got 3 weeks all in one shot, boy I make a lot of money! I didn't get home until 8:30 or so, poor David is still coughing and blowing his nose every 5 seconds, but claims he feels better. I brought home a plate for him and of course cake and everyone slept well last night. Vincent has been for the past few months tucking himself up next to me at night and purring us to sleep but with the warmer weather coming I'm sure I'll be abandoned. He's a bit of a foul weather friend I suppose! I'll be back to the other office today, since we still have a small patient population there's not much for me to do yet and they're overwhelmed at the home office so I'll be dividing my time between the two for a while yet. 

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