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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nothing lasts Forever

The shoe is finally dropping - I'm a big believer in the power of 3 so when things start going south I start counting. David was doing the shopping yesterday, he got as far as town and his truck just conked out. So he called Roman to get him and they got the truck to the repair shop and then headed out to Sam's Club. On the way back they stopped at the grocery in town and when they went to leave Roman's car wouldn't start.  Off they went limping to the repair shop again - the final tally was minor repair for Roman, new fuel pump for David which hopefully will done today. They went to Roman's to finish the drop ceiling and David was invited to dinner which seemed to consist of homemade mushroom soup and copious amounts of brandy. Nadja drove him home so that was ok. I'm heading off up to the new office this morning, I didn't sleep much last night - I've got to do two interviews today and that has me a bit wracked. I have never interviewed anyone, so it's very daunting, both of the positions are per diem and applicants look great on paper but I'm not familar with the process, I guess I'll figure it out. Our open house is tomorrow so I'll be busy doing that too. David and I are having our 27th anniversary this week, hard to believe isn't it? It's funny how all of the sudden you get to a point in your life that time just seems incredible - my oldest son will be 30 in 5 years, I'll be 50 in 2. I work with people that were not alive when I got married, are younger than my own kids. Strange days indeed.

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