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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vacationing in The Poconos

Liz and Kirsten arrived here a little after 9 am with Kirsten surprising everyone by being conscious (she is a teenager after all).  After a few cups of coffee and getting settled in, the 3 of us headed off with Knit and Pearls as our target destination. Our first stop was a kitschy souvenir shop which had nothing with Kirsten's name but plenty of other things - there were "native american" collections (all from China and made out of Native American Plastic), coffee cups, license plates, key rings, etc... - there was a ruler display with a lot of Hispanic names so Kirsten now has the Ruler Of Jesus. Then off to the Pocono Cheesecake Factory, we each got a slice to horse down in the parking lot and half a cheesecake for dessert - it's one of my favorite places that I stay far away from, they have about 40 different types of cheesecake with candy, cookies and cannolli to back it up and yes, there is always a line. I hadn't been sure if we would do the outlets but as we were zooming by Kirsten spotted her favorite shop - this was impressive as there are over 120 stores and we were going at least 70. She gets that from MY side of the family.  After we perused the sneakers we went to Coldwater Creek that was having a huge clearance sale - I got 3 pairs of pants, 4 blouses and a jacket for $24!! all suitable for the office. Whoo hoo!! Then off to the yarn shop, I got a few things and we meandered back home stopping at a candle shop, a grave yard and a Colonial Flea Market that is Always Open. She should have opened the flue too as there was a roaring wood stove and a haze of smoke but we had a great time poking around, there was a little bit of everything.  Kirsten found a display of old skeleton keys so she got a couple to make a necklace out of. We went out to the local Italian restaurant and the waitress took our picture, I wanted to do gang signs but was vetoed by the highschooler so we had to do the Vulcan thing instead. At home it was PJ's and cheesecake (pecan caramel picked out by the aforementioned high schooler) and we watched the Venture Brothers which if you've never seen that series go get it. It's politically incorrect, amazingly weird and just really funny - Adam bought it for me for Christmas and I never tire of seeing it. This morning we don't have a lot planned, they're taking off around 1 as Monday is looming but we'll try to squeeze something in. 

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