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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Day

I'm feeling a little better today, like I said, it passes. My stomach's in a bit of knot and there is a general feeling of sadness, but it's nothing compared to yesterday.  And we have a full schedule for the next few weeks - Ray is coming out for memorial day, Nancy comes out the next weekend and the weekend after that David and I are off to Washington. That should keep my mind on other things.  Yesterday was just racing all day, I got up and cleaned the house, did the week's shopping in between the crying jags, then I got a call from the RN in Stroudsburg that patient #1 was running very late which ran into the time patient #2 needed to be admitted.  So I had to run out there and admit patient #2 and didn't get home until 7:30 and had to start calling scheduling patients for today. The rain held off until I got home - but wow is all I have to say. It was a huge thunderstorm that went for hours and hours, booming and lighting up the house all night. Pearl usually doesn't notice but this one she did, she was shaking like a leaf which was not conducive to anyone else getting any sleep. It finally let up and we slept until almost 6 am which around here is like the middle of the day.  It's very gloomy and overcast at the moment, the temps have also dropped down. I didn't schedule the first patient until 10 so I don't have to dart out the door. I have a tendency to do that in an effort to get it over with but all I end up is with another workday. Vincent is here in bed cheerfully parked against me, purring like a crazy thing - some days it pays to be Vincent. 

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