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Thursday, May 14, 2009

You See What You Want To See

When I was driving home the other afternoon I passed by a church with a little billboard in the front - I don't know about your area but around her and in WV the churches tend to get cute with their little sayings. But I was a little surprised when I read "You Are A Spiteful Being". I slowed down and reread it - it actually said "You Are A Spiritual Being" - the only thing I can think is the first message is for me, the other one is for the rest of you yahoos. I am a spiteful being on occasion and always will be, it's a good activity if you're bored. Pearl is also a spiteful being, I forgot something the other morning and came back, she'd already gotten the can of cat food down and was busy snacking away when I walked back in. She dropped it and ran, but it was too late, I'd seen her. Otherwise she appears to be enjoying the attentions of the pet sitter and it's working well. It's nice not to have to dash home - it's expensive but we really don't have a choice at this point. We can't leave her outside all day and having her in the house for that long a period of time would be just cruel. This weekend is going to be a bit of a trick, the RE is bringing someone so we will be cruising with the dog for at least an hour or more while the house is shown. That is the part I don't like. We still don't have a house to move into but as the weather warms up more and more houses go up for sale. With the economy everything evens out, even if we sell at a loss so will the people we buy from so it's a wash as far as we're concerned. David was over an hour late to his class last night so if it happens again he may have to put the job on hold until the end of classes as you are not allowed to miss much.  He was pretty upset as the owner of the business had told him at the start they rarely ran late and that is not what his co-workers are saying - welcome to the real world. My sock making goes well, thank you for asking. I'll post a picture this weekend, it's a very plain sock but the yarn is very cool.

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