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Saturday, May 23, 2009

It Is Done.

I looked at the sock last night  - on the surface most would say there was nothing wrong with it - but it had a few holes from accidental yarn overs, a ridge from knitting backwards on one row and of course the heel. So, I did end up frogging it and will do a better job the next time, I've knit socks before but this pair will be from the toe up instead of the traditional top down so it might take a few tries. And the yarn is too expensive for it to be a crappy pair of socks. I do have to get up and get moving - the open house is today and we have to get it cleaned up. Miss Pants will be in jail for a few hours - it's actually a different kennel and we'll see if she does better in this one as we're going to Washington in a couple of weeks and if she likes it better we'll contain her there. Ray is due out in a few hours and we have to finish getting his room de- catted, but for the most part I'm planning on a weekend to recoup my troops for a better week next week. Last week sucked, between bouts of homesickness, stress and everything going to pot it was just not a good week. And you know once you start riding that train, it's hard to get off. But I can see where I've made my mistakes and where I need to improve. Part of it is transitioning from staff to management I'm now looking at my career from the other end of things - as a visit nurse I knew not to schedule patients on a holiday, as a manager I forgot to instruct my staff not to schedule patients on a holiday. But I am learning, I just hope to be learning fast enough. 

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