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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Ray got out here in good time - I think a lot of people were traveling  on Friday night and not so much on Saturday morning. I do have to say I DON'T miss summer holidays in the Hamptons, here I think it can get a bit busy - but it's shopping and sightseeing busy, not puking in the bushes busy. Since we had the open house yesterday I put off Bushkill until today, Pearl had to be picked up by 3 so there wouldn't have been enough time to get there and back - we did Dixon City and got the grocery shopping done, plus we hit all of our favorite stores. The open house by the RE went alright, not great but at least the house got a good scrub! Harry thinks we have one interested party so keep your fingers crossed. We picked Pearl up at 2:30, she was not a happy camper and proceeded to behave as if she'd been a prisoner of war. The woman at the kennel suggested maybe some one needed some Ritalin - hmm. After letting Pearl run around the yard for a bit we headed back out and  ate early at the local Italian restaurant that Ray likes and that was pretty much it for the day. Today's activity depends on the weather, when I took The Hostess out for her morning constitutional it was rather grey and cloudy - I was glad we didn't go yesterday as we would've gotten caught in a rainstorm and since it's a hiking trail that would not have been comfortable to say the least. As Ray would say we have all summer so if it's cloudy again today we can go to the movies as  no one has seen Wolverine yet. In other news I did restart the sock and was glad I did - I did the long tail cast on but also figured out how to do the beginning of the toe correctly so there is no ridge.  I'm also using a smaller needle so I won't have to cast around looking for someone with giant feet to wear my bright green stripy socks.

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