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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sock Of Ages

Isn't that the neatest yarn? It's Online self striping - 100% super wash wool - and it's not itchy either. I used a long tail cast on which I hope I can remember long enough to do the second one. It's a fairly plain sock but with those colors you don't want to get too busy. Anyhoo, I have to be a Cleaning Girl tomorrow as the house is being shown at 3 pm, at which time Pearl and I will be cruising the neighborhood for at least an hour. David is working so it will be just us girls. Sunday we're going grocery shopping - we are now only shopping one day a week and if anything needs to be picked up, it's that item and that item alone. Our food bill was out of control because of all the shopping we were doing, you know you go for that one thing and come home with about 6 bags of stuff you suddenly needed just because you were there. Our freezer is full and the pantry doesn't need a thing so during the week I keep a list and then we just go the one day.  Food just seems to have gotten really expensive lately, we're spending as much as when Jackson was here. I had my physical yesterday, it was a run there and then a wait, but it's done. And the rain was awful yesterday too - we have a satellite for the TV and the stinky thing is if it rains really hard it goes out. Bones was on and I had been waiting all week to see it (it was the season finale) but the rain let up just in time for it  to come on so I got to see it after all. Aside from BBC there's not a whole lot of shows I actually wait for, but that one I love - the actual books are great. 

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