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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Halfway Through The Week Already

It's funny that no matter how big a house you live in, there's always one spot you consider yours - and yours alone.  Mine is the loveseat, directly across from the tv with the coffee table in front of me. I can - and often do, spend many happy hours there when I'm not out running around with my knitting, tv, books and laptop. I'm often joined by the entire zoo, draped across the back and arms of the sofa, they all tend to spend a great deal of time resting up. For what, who knows - their next lives I suppose.  David is enjoying his new job and classes, Pearl is loving the pet sitter who comes by on the days we are not here. If you met her, you'd love her too, she's one of those people that is actually perfect for her job. It's a little of an expense, but it's probably cheaper than cleaning up any messes on the new carpet. Our RE wants to have an open house on Memorial Day weekend, not sure how we're going to work that. Pearl will most likely have to spend the days at the kennel and we will have to find some way to amuse ourselves for 3 days straight. And we finally got our money back from the last house that fell through - what a pain in the butt that was. David told Harry NO MORE down payments until the whole deal clears the title company, that was just ridiculous.  Harry told David that in the past 11 years the title company we use have only refused to insure 3 houses - and one of them was this one. So it's back to the drawing  board.  I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday for a physical, David is going the same day for his allergies. My real benefits are kicking in the beginning of June which will be nice - I'll still have to pay in, but half of what we are paying now.  Oh well, time to get moving.

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