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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Week Rolls On.

Ray left yesterday morning, after a busy weekend - we shopped, sightseeing and the movies. On Monday he and David went out to dinner without me, I can only eat out so much and then that is it - my body goes into full rebellion. I guess as I get older my innards get a little less tolerant of high fat and salt.  We did end up at the movies, we saw Wolverine which was very good - Jackson and Adam had seen it before and were against what happened to Deadpool - but its a movie and they need to get over it. After the movies I dragged them to the Christmas Tree store which has a few christmas items but is actually the cha chi capital of the universe. You can buy ceramic frogs in bathing suits, little bird houses that look like beach shacks, and dog toys which is what I was after. The day back to work sucked, you always wish you could have one (ten) extra days off and then the day stretches forever since you have to make up for lost time. Nancy is coming on Friday so I have to get the guest room ready for that, we will be shopping if anyone needs us!

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