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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Good Day, But Not A Good End

The expo was a bit of a stomach churner I have to admit. It was a very last minute thing and due to circumstances I ended up manning the table by myself for 7 hours.  Our display didn't make it in time and due to some sort of mix-up the sign over my area said Erb's Landscaping. I finally took it down after being asked for the 3rd time if I mowed lawns. But it was fun, I saw some people that I know and have a preliminary meeting set up for next week, I got to see the World's Biggest Comb Over which was hilarious - it was the most carefully sculpted display bordering on fascinating. I also learned not to leave the basket of giveaways unattended - they're like beavers on a wood pile, they cleaned the whole thing out!! And you would think some people had never seen a pen before the way they acted. I had one elderly gentleman impart to me he comes to these things to get stuff for his grandchild - and what little boy or girl wouldn't want a Jar Lid Opener??  The whole idea is to let people know our office is in the area - we have the table for two days but I don't have to do it again. I stayed until 7 pm and packed up my toys and left. The traffic was not too bad and as I was driving I passed a few dead deer - this time of year there are quite a few on the side of the road, along with skunks, raccoons, etc. but as I passed yet another, it registered that the deer's head was up. I have to admit, I kept driving - I was tired, wanted dinner and I have to get up early, besides someone else would certainly call. But what if they didn't? So I turned my car around and drove by just to make sure of what I'd seen - that poor creature. It was crying and trying to pull itself across the road to the woods, I can't imagine. There was a bar on the side of the road about a 100 yards down and I went in -  the bartender knew what to do, she came out with me and called 911 to give the exact location and she said they'd send the warden to put it down.  Part of you always wants to say no, it's not fair - and it's not.  But at least it wouldn't spend the night in the ditch suffering until it either succumbed to it's injuries or shock - that I couldn't live with. And I never want to get so busy I let someone else take care of it - because sometimes YOU are someone else. 

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