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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sock Love

Well, the sweater is all boxed up and ready to go - it just needs to make it from the house to the post office. You know what that means - New Project!! It is going to be a plain knit pair of socks but the yarn is eye popping to make up for lack of pattern. It called for a long tail cast on which after about 300 tries following the Easy To Follow Instructions, I was ready to stick that knitting needle right in my eye. But then I hit You Tube - a lot of people are not aware that you Tube is full of instructional videos. It is! I just typed in long tail cast on  and a video popped up right away and the next thing you know I was casting away. So, today was David's first day at work followed by his first night at class, he decided to work every other day as 16 hours four days in a row is a bit much. He left at 7:15 this morning and won't be home until 11 tonight so I don't know how it went. Pearl had her first day with the Dog Sitter  who left me a note and apparently they had a good time. Pearl being Ever Watchful let her in with no problem (which is why "watch dog" is not on her resume), they romped around for about an hour and then Kristin left her on the couch.  I know it sounds a bit much, but leaving her in the house for 11 or 12 hours without a break is not right - and I can't always guarantee I'll be home before 7

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