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Saturday, May 16, 2009

It Will Pass

If you've never left home, you most likely have never been homesick. It is a terrible, grieving thing that goes on for awhile - when you first leave it's constant, but later on it can blindside you. I have no idea what brought it on today - the weather, the time of year, the fact we're selling our house, the stress of my job, I don't know. All I do know is I went shopping today and as I pulled into the parking lot it was like a blow to the heart. I missed West Virginia so suddenly, so intensely - it is like an ache in your chest that swells and fills every part of your being with a want so deep that you would give anything to get back there. I missed Jackson, my house, my yard. Saturday at the University Plaza shopping at Sam's and stopping in Barnes and Nobles. Downtown, the hills, my job, Susan, Roger, Hollister's General Store which is the only place you can buy lye soap for the laundry. My pool, Kingwood, the chinese grocery store where you can't buy the rice because it comes alive after a few days. I never really felt lonely in WV like I do here sometimes, the silence never got to me. There are days here I feel like a ghost, not quite a part of anything. I know this will pass, it always does, I have admissions to do tomorrow and there's problems with the ones that need to be done today and that will distract me one way or another. But today, is not a good day.

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Donna said...

I'm so sorry. West Virginia truly is a beautiful place, as I saw in many of your pictures.

Homesickness feels like a real, physical sickness; it hurts in the gut so badly it can make you moan.