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Friday, May 8, 2009

Someone's Having A Birthday

The yard is awash in all sorts of flowers - some planted, some wild. David has been avoiding mowing the backyard because it's just a carpet of these tiny purple flowers. His birthday is today, someone sent him a tin of Tastykakes and it has no return address or card, so we don't know who sent it. I don't think we're doing too much tonight but tomorrow we will celebrate everything in general. The weather is not supposed to be good but whatever.  The house we were supposed to close on fell through - our title company refused to insure it which basically means there was something hinky going on. There was a lot of protesting from the other party but when asked to send information to disprove The Hinkiness there was silence on the other side which leads me to believe we have dodged that bullet. The prices have dropped but you have to be very careful at the same time, people are hiding things and it's up to you to ferret them out, otherwise you might end up paying a lot more for that "bargain" than you intended. So David and Harry will begin hunting again, it's an annoyance as David starts works at his new job on Monday plus he has three weeks of classes at night so time is fairly limited. We have to find someone to come walk Miss Pants during the day for the next 3 weeks, with me out of the house for 11 or 12 hours and now David that's just too long of a day for her  - it's only for a few weeks so it's not a huge deal.  And most days I can't guarantee it will only be for 11 or 12 hours. The sweater is so close to being finished it's driving me crazy - 6 more rows on the right band, a little stitching here and there and DONE.  But we have so much more to do - we have to do a lot of  shopping tomorrow, there's Mother's Day (yes it will all be late, thank you for asking) and we have to do the entire week's grocery shopping as no one will have time for that stuff. Eek!

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