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Monday, May 25, 2009

Bushkill Falls

Yesterday the weather decided to cooperate and we decided to proceed with the field trip to Bushkill Falls. David and Ray had gone out to breakfast early so when they got back I rousted them into the car - its a hike from here to there and since it's a holiday weekend I wanted to get there at  reasonable time. It took about an hour of travel and we passed it on the first  go around - except for the sign it doesn't look like much from the road.  It was beautiful and the pictures don't do it justice.  It's  a series of trails with hundreds of stairs going up and down - that part I had not thought about but, well, duh. We took the Popular Trail which only hits a couple of the falls and good thing we did - Ray is in good shape but the way back - and straight up - were a bit hard on him and we had to stop and rest several times. The way back is actually a series of giant staircases that are quite steep which go back to the top of the main falls - there's a set of benches located there where all us old folk go to die, I turned to Ray and said "thank goodness we didn't do this in August!" and he had to agree. One of the reasons I decided to do it yesterday despite the holiday traffic was the weather was slightly cool, I cannot imagine hiking that place in 90 degree temperatures!! I was glad we had gotten there around 11 as when we left the line to get in wound around the parking lot - and there's not a whole lot of room on those walkways.  I had wanted to go to AC Moores and we started to head down 209 - David turned around about after 20 feet of THAT - he didn't care if I had a 50% off coupon or not, we would have been in traffic for hours on that road. The GPS took us back the way we had come, down all back roads and we stopped a few times to take pictures. On the way back the rain clouds that had been holding off all day moved in and the rain started so the whole thing was perfectly timed. For once.   We went to the little Italian restaurant again for dinner, no one was in the mood to travel again. 

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