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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Made To Fit

Hopefully by sometime tomorrow I will post the pictures of the finished sweater - I have only 3 more rows to go, the stitching and then it's done and on to the next project. I'm occasionally asked if I can knit something specific if the yarn and pattern are picked out. No. The reason being is first of all I have enough yarn stashed throughout my house to insulate a Scottish castle in winter so the idea of having yarn sent IN would be enough to drive the Yarn Hater off the deep end and second of all, well, Gauge.  Every project I make is a surprise to me, if it comes out the right size there are generally planet alignments and karmic interventions involved. Most  projects are subjected to public scrutiny and whoever thinks it will fit them gets it.  I believe Kim still possesses the Pink Bathrobe which was supposed to be a women's medium cardigan. I wish I could find that picture she sent of her father modeling it - please keep in mind her father is 6'4" and the sweater came to about his knees.  I have gotten better over the years and haven't produced anything gigantic in awhile, but I suppose the other part is it takes the fun out of it. I very much enjoy the process of finding a project that is new or a challenge to me, picking out the yarn and the needles - picking out who is going to get it and mailing it off.  That's not to say I don't make things with specific people in mind, I do but I get to pick the project and if at some point it no longer fits the recipient - it's no pressure. They didn't know they were getting it anyhow so it can change direction midstream and no one is the wiser and if it does work out, better yet.  I loved surprising my cousin and her husband with matching handmade blankets for both of their sons in different colors or sending a handmade shawl all the way to England - I'm sure some of projects I've given away  have been shuttled to the attic or given away, but honestly, after I'm done, it's gone and I've moved on. So Pearl and I are parked on the couch BBC is on the TV set and I'm ready to get it finished, stay tuned!

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