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Friday, May 22, 2009

Run Away! Run Away!

So, the weekend is FINALLY here -after two weeks of working straight through I am hoping to have some time off. Of course the moment I sat down with dinner and the lap top AND Total Recall on the tube the phone rang. From work. At least it was just a 5 minute fix - eek. We heard from Ray, he will be on his way here in the am, we may have to reconfigure our plans a bit, David was up in the Bushkill Fall area and he said it's pretty thick with New Yorkers for the weekend so we might just goof around Dixon City for the day and make a run at the falls on Sunday.  We didn't do pizza for dinner, we made the ravioli that we already have, I'm a bit out of the pizza thing anyhow. There is no Little Ceasar's near here and that's what I really like, especially the Cheesy Bread with garlic butter sauce. Very low calorie I'm sure!! The other thing that must be addressed, sadly, is the sock. Yes the sock might need to be frogged entirely - I completely screwed up the heel and I've been avoiding looking at it. I did the decreases all wrong for a few rows and even if I just frog it back past the heel I'll never figure out how to put the needles back on right. It's not that huge of a deal - a sock is a fairly wee item knitting wise and it's not like I've never had to do that before - the sweater I had to throw out the entire back because 2/3 of the way done I realized I had accidently used two different color lots and it was just not passable. And the thing with the sock is I could continue on but what's the point on making socks that no one will wear? Sigh. Rip it. Rip it.

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