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Monday, May 18, 2009

Where Did The Weekend Go??

Well, that sucked, didn't it? I left the house at 8:30 yesterday and got back around 4 - just in time to finish scheduling everything and emailing to make sure everyone knows what everyone else is doing. And now it's Monday. I did get a bit more done on the sock last night, that's the nice thing about knitting socks is it goes pretty fast. I have to keep the whole business up on top of the entertainment system as you never know when Pearl will seek revenge for your not being here.  She can be like that sometimes. David and I both have a full week, the pet sitter will be by, she likes Pearl a great deal - and it makes it easier on us knowing the carpet will stay intact. I'm making plans to go to Bushkill Falls next weekend with Ray, we have the open house coming up too - it's just one day for a few hours, not so bad. We're planning on dumping Pearl at the kennel and then taking Ray up to the falls - that way the dog (and us) are out of the house for the day. David said Jackson called last night, he's still in Mississippi and doing well

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