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Sunday, May 3, 2009

No Rest For The Wicked

The other patient didn't get home until late yesterday so the nurse couldn't admit - so I now have two admissions to do. At the moment I'm sitting in bed but have to be out and about by 7:30 - I scheduled early because I'd rather get it over and done with and at least have the afternoon to dawdle about. Yesterday I did NOTHING for once, I did do a tiny bit of housework but for the main part I was either sitting outside and reading while Pearl pursued a fresh bunny or was sitting on the couch watching cheesy horror movies.  From Hell did not live up to any one's standards and given my amazingly low standards (anyone who can sit through Pinocchio's Revenge can pretty much sit through anything) that is saying a lot.  But I watched it anyhow and continued knitting away, I finished the hood and am now in the true home stretch - only the band has to be finished and it is DONE. I didn't take a picture yet as with it under construction it just looks like a pile of yarn. David is almost finished with the downstairs, the prison bathroom is no longer a prison bathroom and we have walls - he did all the spackling yesterday. We are supposed to have someone looking tomorrow, with the market down they've gotten a lot of phone calls on the house but no lookers. It's a bit worrisome but we can always rent it for awhile so it's not the end of the world.  Everything is turning green around here, it was winter for so long and now the trees are getting leaves and flowers are all over. We had a huge amount of growth by the front porch and we can finally see what it is - Lily Of The Valley so it should smell good out there soon.

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