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Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainy Friday

It is raining AGAIN - thank goodness David mowed the lawn the other day or we'd be knee deep in grass. Nancy is scheduled to make a Special Guest Star Appearance today and of course The Hostess will be here to greet her in a warm and psychotic way. David finished and passed his weapon's training last night with a 92 so he's all set to roll, he will no longer be the only unarmed guard in the truck. I've been working up in the Stroudsburg office for the past couple of days and I have to admit it's easier to work with no one around to distract me. That is not the real world. We had someone come back to look at the house but have not heard anything - we've stopped looking for a house in Stroudsburg as with the economy the way it is there is no sense in buying a house if I can't sell this one. The economy is a scary thing these days, isn't it? And it's affecting all sorts of things - we toured a senior housing yesterday and even their census is down, a lot can't afford to live there when they can't sell their home here. Scary days ahead. And things here have gotten so expensive, gas is back up to almost $2.50 a gallon and we are getting a handle on our grocery bill, but still with just two people and a few pets it should be cheaper, shouldn't it?  Around here one of the things that's really holding us back from renting this house and buying another is the taxes, we hadn't realized in Stroudsburg they rival Long Island in that arena! 

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