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Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Change In Plans

Now I'm working all day Sunday so things have been moved around -   today I have to finish  the cleaning, shopping and vamoose at 3 in time for the house to be shown. The office in East Stroudsburg is taking off and the staff isn't keeping up so I'll be doing an open on Sunday along with a couple of visits. It's overwhelming at times but at the same time, pretty exciting.  I ended up doing an admission up in  the other office yesterday - a patient's family that lets no one in and they send me. Sigh. The reason for the sigh is that in WV if there was a difficult patient they always would ask me because for some unknown - and rather irritating reason - EVERYONE lets me in. I have no idea why  - at one point I  had doctor's offices specifically  asking to send me for some of their crankiest or resistant patients - I even had one surgical team who refused to let me discharge the most noncomplient patient in the universe -  the NP later told me I was the only one the patient would talk to and I ended up having to keep her on until I negotiate her back to the hospital.  The only problem with this is you eventually end up with a patient population that encompasses the entire spectrum of Human Oddities and Neurosis - although I have to admit I did have fun back then.  I had one little old guy that would peer through the curtain and tell me to go away, no one was home because "Carl's Mother had taken him to Union town", I would yell back "I can see you Carl, let me in" and the fight would be on.  The whole thing was pretty hilarious and I have to admit, here in Pennsylvania I don't run into the quite the patients I did in WV - there are certainly less characters here! I suppose I should get moving, I really wanted to sleep in this morning - you would think since I''m off just one day I would take advantage of it. But I woke up at 3:20 am, turned over - and remembered I hadn't set up the coffee pot, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, there's the shopping, dusting, laundry, bed making, go over some paperwork for work and finish up the schedule, need to call those patients today......... I'm up.

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