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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Morning!

We have had a very nice weekend, thank you very much. The Hostess is in her glory - a guest that specifically like Vizslas - and she just happens to be one! So Pearl has been happily parking herself on the guest at every available opportunity when she's not busy scoping out the Local Bunny Population which is, growing quite prolifically I might add. Nancy arrived Friday afternoon and let herself it, Pearl being the Watch Dog sat and watched her of course. We spent the evening catching up and headed out for the outlets in the morning. We had breakfast in that restaurant that serves everything in little pans - the food is very good and fairly inexpensive. We got to the outlets a little early and walked around just talking - we shopped most of the morning and Nancy did very well.  Part way through the morning we needed to do a drop at the car as the bags were getting a bit cumbersome - hmm. The parking lot was now filled and we hadn't been paying close attention as to where we had parked. And we had taken Nancy's rental car as mine was short a gas cap. Again. Yes, it's the fourth one I've lost and you all need to be quiet as that could happen to anyone. We did  eventually locate the car and left around 2 or so, by that time the place was hopping so it was a good idea to leave. We had dinner at the Chinese buffet and then home again. Nancy flies back to London tomorrow so Pearl had better get hostessing!

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