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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lay About

Given my odd sleeping patterns, if I sleep past 5 am I actually consider it sleeping in. And like last night the real reason I'm ever able to sleep that late was because I was up around 2 am, visiting with the 2 AM Girl of course. We had someone come look at the house and his former job was dog show judge - specializing in       Vizslas(coincidences abounded yesterday....). He told David that Miss Pants was beautiful, but she knew that so it was not news to her. David said he loved the house and Harry also called telling David someone else was interesting in our fine establishment. Good for us? Sort of -  the house we're under contract for has developed a bit of a financial problem, it's the first time we've ever done a short sale and as Harry would say, things can get touchy so we will have to wait and see. I don't get overly worried as something usually happens at the eleventh hour but it gets a little tiresome. David starts his new job today, he's been taking all sorts of tests and classes and is now an armored guard. As much as he misses being a subcontractor the economy isn't going to bounce back enough and he's just getting tired of the stress of whether he's going to be paid or they'll try to skip out.  I met the nurse the director hired for a full time position - we were talking about moving and I mentioned I was from Long Island - so is she! She graduated from Mercy in Riverhead (she's from Center Moriches) and spent a lot of time out where I'm from. We compared bars we had loved as teenagers, it was pretty funny.  I'm going to work late today because I have to work late today, they have an expo in East Stroudsburg and yesterday about 5-ish my boss asked me if I'd mind participating. Since my new activities includes Talking To Strangers I of course said yes - I told you this whole thing was full steam ahead, didn't I? But the event runs from noon to 7 pm so I'm going into the office later. David will be out today to finish up his orientation, back and then out tonight for his first shift. Well.

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