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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eat What You Have

We've been trying to eat what's in the house, as opposed to bringing yet more food in. This is not as easy as it seems. We had over the past few moves gotten rid of the things you buy - for whatever reason at the time - and then cart around even though the chances of it being eaten at some point are nil. I had a container of Greek spices - I have no idea what Greek Spices are but they smelled bad and made me glad I was not Greek and had to eat such things.  There was no chance of it ever being put on food and I could never think of anything to put it on, yet I toted that container through 3 houses as if it would become useful at it's final destination. So on the last move from Here to There out it went, along with the can of grapefruit which only made slightly more sense than the Greek Spices. Anyhoo, one of the problems with making a real dinner is it takes time and thought - I got home around 6 last night and started to reach for the pizza from the other night but stopped. Instead I made sweet potato fries, Boca Burger and spinach and actually, it only took about 20 minutes and while it cooked I fed the cats and put the dishes away - I suppose it's just a mind set.  We are getting better at shopping, we keep a list during the week so when we go we're not just buying whatever looks appealing  - and our shopping is very heavy on the fruit and vegetables these days. As the weather gets warmer that gets a bit cheaper, I'm still waiting for the blueberries to go down though - I cannot bring myself to spend $7 for a pint of those things.

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